Level Five background and history

About 350 years ago, a terrible earthquake wracked the
region. The west caldera wall collapsed, and the resulting
waters of the Daenmere Lake rushed into the
caldera. The flood inundated many of the lower dungeons
beneath Castle Whiterock. The lower courtyard
was completely flooded as well. In fact, few people
today know that Castle Whiterock ever had a lower
courtyard. This flooded level is now home to several
dangerous creatures.

Background Story
When the west caldera wall collapsed over 350 years
ago, the waters of Daenmere Lake rushed into the volcanic
basin, altering the water table forever. The increase in water level
flooded the lower dungeons, but water is a persistent force of nature,
and it soon made its way to the depths of the Underdeep, to recharge
deep aquifers and complete the water cycle. However,
the exterior of the volcanic basin displayed a water table
increase, resulting in the flood of the lower courtyard.
And for the past several centuries, the lower courtyard

Over the years, a myriad of aquatic life has come and
gone. But some have settled in the protective nooks
and crannies of the walls, towers, battlements, and the
few chambers that have been spared destruction. The
ruins support monstrous crayfish larger than a horse,
thick electric eels that lair in the cavern walls, giant beetles
that paddle about with air bubbles attached to their
carapaces, and other mundane inhabitants. Of course,
the rich diversity present in the ruins has attracted highend
predators as well. A crafty merrow (aquatic ogre)
ranger makes his home in the ruins, harvesting the poison
from penned giant beetles and seeding giant clams
to artificially create freshwater pearls. A massive aquatic
hydra makes its lair in the gatehouse ruins, happily
fattening up on the monstrous crayfish.

Not all of the occupants in the submerged ruins are
interested in a quick meal. A war band of nixies, led by
a charismatic warrior, desperately search for one of
their own. If the adventurers can befriend these fey,
they can be quite helpful in further exploration of the
watery ruins. A capricious kapaocinth (aquatic gargoyle)
stalks the crumbling walls, more interested in deceiving
and sowing discord than actually attacking explorers.
has remained submerged.

Level Five background and history

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