Castle Whiterock

Level Five - Submersion

The party bravely entered the underwater realm of level five.

There they have encountered an underwater gargoyle who was eager to dole out bad information.

They have fought a five headed water Hydra, A monstrous Bass, a room full of nixies eager not to get killed, monstrous crayfish and 9x Lacedons (underwater ghouls).

Level Four
... so far!

After dealing with some nasty Piercers our party discovers a secret passageway around a trapped passageway.

One of the passageways ended in a cave in. Our party decided to bypass the cave in rather than dig through it as it will take several hours of labor to move all the rocks.

Once further inside they find the living quarters of the Troglodytes. Everyone makes their fortitude save against the Troglodytes horrendous stench and are now immune to its gagging effects for the next 24 hours.

The rest of the dungeon encountered has been Troglodytes living quarters for their males, some very scared females and children, the Troglodytes chief warrior, and a hard fought battle against ten of the Troglodytes elite troops. Through it all our party prevailed and left the cavern floors green with lizard blood.

Level Four Summary

Level Summary

As the adventurers delve deeper under Castle
Whiterock, the carved passages become more natural
caverns. This is the first such set of natural caverns,
inhabited by a primitive band of troglodytes. The great
red dragon Benthosruthsa invested years of effort,
including siring a half-dragon, to make them his thralls,
but his untimely defeat has thrown their primitive culture
into chaos. The half-dragon leader, now insane as his
god no longer talks to him, desperately clings to the
hope that his god will return and his people will be
spared the blade from enemies that lurk on the levels
above and below. Yet these caves also hold a gnomish
secret, as well.

The Cloud Giant Tower
Meeting Drugilia

After a very brief encounter/discovery of a small patch of green slime – easily dispensed with alchemist fire, the party gains a small piece of Blue Quartz worth 50gp.

They then enter the Cloud Giant Tower.
Drugila’s mining efforts to unearth evidence of her
tribe’s cloud giant lineage finally paid off when this
ruined cloud giant tower was discovered weeks
ago. It was part of the cloud castle that was
destroyed by a drow invasion against the orcs nearly
700 years ago. The cloud castle lost its buoyancy
and crashed into the caldera wall. The crash and
subsequent seismic activity buried or destroyed the
shattered ruins of the cloud castle over time.
A pair of Drugila’s most trusted and powerful orcs
guard the entrance to the cloud giant tower.

The orcs prove no match for the party and are easily dispatched with by the time Drugilia arrives on the scene. The orcs have 24gp each for a total of 48gp.

Drugilia arrives, and though the most powerful orc in the upper levels of the dungeon, she is quickly outmatched by our party.

Level Summary
During the climatic battle between the original members
of the White Roc orcs and their cloud giant allies against
the drow, the cloud castle that hovered over Castle
Whiterock was destroyed. The ensuing destruction
caused parts of the castle to make landfall, either in the
caldera lake or, in the case of this tower, into Castle
Whiterock proper. Drugila and her tribe have discovered
this once-buried structure and plundered it. The giant touched
orc now resides in the tower, trying to determine
her next course of action, since the White Roc figurine
of wondrous power was not located there.

*Background Story
*Drugila, the leader of the White Roc orcs, discovered
the ruins of this tower a few weeks ago. Since then, she
has spent all of her waking time searching the edifice
and restoring the tower. She seeks the White Roc figurine of wondrous power, a relic once worshiped by the
original White Roc Tribe. Plagued by visions of this relic,
she believes she has been called by some deity to
locate it and use it to unite nearby feuding orc tribes into
one cohesive army. Recently, however, many of the
orcs she led to this site backed another leader, as they
were reluctant to follow a female, especially one who
preached nontraditional ways. This and other factors
led to Drugila’s tribe splitting into two factions: the White
Talon Tribe (residing on level 2), and her followers, the
Tribe of the White Roc.
Her search has revealed a few interesting items, including
several huge-sized weapons (such as the one used
in the trap in area 3-1, and her own masterwork
weapon), the cloud giant skeleton (which she raised
into a formidable guardian), and the command words
for what she assumes is the White Roc. However, these
minor items will not bolster the faltering morale of the
remaining loyal orcs. When the heroes arrive, she is
contemplating her next move.
Unknown to Drugila, the White Roc is nowhere near this
ruined tower. It was lost during the battle with the drow,
and now can be found on level XX

The mosaics on the interior walls have recently
been restored and cleaned. The first ones depict
scenes of the cloud giants assisting the orcs in the
recapture of Castle Whiterock, although the castle
itself appears smaller and of poor construction,
lacking the trademark white walls. Next they depict
the cloud giants assisting with the renovations of
Castle Whiterock, including the construction of the
impressive white outer walls and additions of massive
ballistae. The final scenes depict the cloud
giants supporting orcish raids on nearby settlements
across the countryside.

Drugila spends most of her time here, in prayer,
tending to the mosaics, or searching for clues about
the White Roc. She appears to be a 10-foot-tall orc
with light blue skin and long flowing white hair held
in place with several bones. Her breastplate proudly
displays the outstretched wings of a white roc in

Drugilia has on her a masterwork gargantuan
morningstar, pearl of power (1st level), scroll of
cure moderate wounds (2), keys to the chest in area
3-6 and the door in area 3-7.

Passing through the trapdoor, you are greeted
by a cavernous shaft, at least 200 feet high.
The floor is sloped here as well, and a stone
staircase winds around the wall to the far reaches
of the ceiling. The room is dimly lit by torches
affixed to the walls in makeshift sconces.
Mosaics cover these walls as well, but the representations
are life-sized.
The staircase provides access to another trapdoor
in the ceiling, a full 220 feet overhead. It requires a
Climb check (DC 10) to traverse these steps due to
the scale and the pitch of the entire tower.
The mosaics all detail a majestic cloud giant warrior
wielding a massive morningstar and adorned with
an iron crown. In each scene, he leads the orcs into
a battle against a myriad of foes. A successful Spot
check (DC 10) reveals a common theme in these
scenes: the presence of a pale white bird of prey.
However, the depicted bird is displayed in several
scales. For example, in one scene, the bird is
eagle-sized and perched on the cloud giant’s shoulder.
In another scene, the bird is the size of a horse
and is tearing through the ranks of an elven army.
And in another scene, the bird is a massive creature,
serving the cloud giant as a mount.

The spiral staircase ends at a chamber with a
domed ceiling, situated about 30 feet off the
floor. Eight huge arrow slits ring the chamber,
but each is clogged with rocky debris. Along the
north wall is a stone altar with a prayer rug
unrolled in front of it. Sprawled over the altar is
a silk banner displaying a white bird of prey in a
dive. Nestled in the folds of this banner is an
iron crown, sized for a very large head. Lying
along the west wall are the carefully reassembled
bones of a 20-foot-tall humanoid. The
skeleton is battered. Numerous bones are
cracked or missing, including the entire left arm.
The banner shows the symbol of the White Roc orcs. This room is kept
meticulously clean by Drugila and her orcs. The
chamber was previously a defensive guard tower,
but since its rediscovery, Drugila has converted it to
a shrine.
The skeleton is all that remains of a cloud giant discovered
in the tower. Drugila reassembled as much
of it as she could, then used her last scroll of animate dead to create a loyal skeleton to guard her shrine. Since the skeleton lacks two arms, Drugila
removed its huge morningstar, and used it to fashion
the trap in area 3-1. It is also subject to the
effects of the sloped floor, and combined with its
damaged condition, this is only considered an EL 5

The Cloud Giant Skeleton is a formidable opponent for our party with its 34 Strength and 15 foot reach. Our War Priest takes some heavy hits but our party manages to dispatch this massive undead creature.



Altar Accoutrements: The iron crown is sized for a
cloud giant, and worth 100 gp as a curiosity. The
silk banner would fetch 250 gp.

Our party has now completely cleared the first three levels of Castle Whiterock and are wisely deciding to make the one day journey back to Cillamar for some well deserved rest and recovery.

They have also discovered that Level 5 of the dungeon is completely flooded.

Entering the Mines of Level Three
Rasthnum Lair:
At the location marked “*” on the map, there
is a word in Orcish faintly scratched into the floor. It
reads, “Danger,” with an arrow pointed to the north.

After about 30 feet, the passage widens and
the ceiling rises to 20 feet or so. However, the
passage also abruptly ends. Without warning,
the crash of rock on rock issues from above.
Cave in!
The first three adventurers in the marching
order make Reflex saves (DC 15). Success means
they managed to jump back in time to avoid the
falling attack. Two of our three adventurers manage to dodge the falling beasts.

Two rasthnum were hiding on the 20-
foot-high ceiling, their falling damage is 2d6 to any
target struck. After this initial ambush, they proceed
to attack with spines. If the heroes are forced to
flee, the rasthnum do not follow. Instead, they make
the arduous climb back up the wall and prepare
another ambush. Since the orcs have been avoiding
this area, the rasthnum are considering finding
a new lair with increased traffic. To decrease competition,
they have already kicked the runt out of
their lair
Rasthnum (2) – no treasure


They then encounter a sealed chamber and the party, with some initial difficulty, move the large rock blocking the chamber. There they encounter
Nemoura Shimmerscale, female nixie Sor3

The orcs broke into this natural cavern while mining.
Soon after, they enjoyed the room as a swimming
hole for months. Then, several orcs went missing,
and others spun wild tales about an enchanting
water maiden that serenaded them with bewitching
tunes. Drugila heard enough, and ordered the
chamber be sealed, in turn nearly sealing the fate of
the fey currently trapped in this cavern.
The water is clear and chilly. It’s about 5 feet deep
next to the ledge, and gradually increases to about
20 feet deep as one travels to the southwest. The
water is abundant with small cave fish and crustaceans,
as well as slimy brown algae. Along the
west wall, located about 10 feet below the water’s
surface (Search DC 15 to locate), is a 2-foot-diameter
passage that leads to area 3-13.

A few weeks ago, an adventurous nixie sorcerer
named Nemoura was exploring the flooded lower
ruins of Castle Whiterock (level 5). She discovered
a passage and followed it to area 3-13. After a brief
encounter with the resident savage monstrous
crayfish, she fled down the southeast passage,
which was too small for the hungry vermin to follow.
She arrived in area 3-12, exhausted and wounded,
but there seemed to be no other way out. The massive
predator blocked the only apparent exit. Soon
after, though, the orcs broke into the cavern, and
began using the lake as a swimming hole.
Understanding the caves beyond must be crawling
with orcs, she charmed several of them and sent
them to defeat the crayfish. The hapless orcs, most
of them unable to swim or effectively wield weapons
underwater, were quickly eaten by the crayfish.
Before Nemoura had a chance to alter her plan, the
orcs sealed the chamber with a massive rock.
Unable to move the rock due to her lack of strength,
and fearful of the crayfish, she has remained
trapped here ever since. She has survived by eating
fish, algae, and the occasional crustacean, but
she is getting desperate to escape.

When the heroes arrive, Nemoura, a 2-foot-tall elflike
humanoid with green skin, dark green hair, and
silver eyes, begs them to help. She explains her
dire situation, providing nauseating details about
the crayfish. She can describe the passage to area
3-13, and rough details on area 3-13, including the
location of the ledge in that room. She offers to cast
water breathing on up to two adventurers (thanks to
her feat), but can provide no other assistance. She
is at the mercy of the heroes.

Our party agrees to help and EASILY dispatched the giant crawfish leaving them with plenty of fresh meat for the next day. Nemoura is most gracious and gives them a magical ring of water breathing a
pink coral ring set with three pure white pearls, one
larger than the next. The ring is carved in an intricate
swirling pattern inlaid with platinum, and appears to
be worth 500 gp. It radiates faint transmutation
magic, but she has never discovered its ability
(because she already breathes water). The ring
functions as a ring of water breathing,

The ring has powers yet to be discovered by the party!

Finishing off Level Three
The remainder of the Orc Tribe - almost.
Orc Barracks
4 Orcs – 16gp each, Alchemist Fire x2
Well Room
Rolling Barrel Trap because the orcs heard them fighting in the barracks. The party easily evades the rolling barrels down the 40 feet trap

Originally, this room was a barracks, but now the
orcs use it as a well room, providing a clean source
of fresh water. Four orcs are stationed here,
charged with filling the barrels and lugging them
throughout the level to supply the tribe with water.
As a side business, they also sell some of the water
to the orcs on level 2, but if Drugila discovered this,
the punishment would be swift.

There are 31 total barrels of many different sizes,
but the 14 larger ones are reserved for rolling down
the steps against intruders.

Actually, the hole in the floor is not actually a well. It
was once an access shaft to a lower level of the
castle, before the caldera wall collapsed, submerging
part of the ruins. If the PCs wish (and they can
breathe water), they can access level 5 (area 5-1)
after an 80-foot swim through this shaft.

Hidden in one of the smaller casks
(Search DC 14) is a stash of 222 sp, generated
from the sale of water to the orcs on level 2.

4 orcs – 8gp each = total 32 g


Orc Zombies and Live Orcs

A decent battle arises as the party enters an Orc Tomb that contained seven fairly powerful Orc Zombies. This chamber was an ancient orcish tomb. Drugila used a scroll of animate dead to create seven orcish zombies.

Several of the orcs were buried with a minor pieces of jewelry. Our adventurers search all the bodies and recover seven pieces of gold or silver jewelry each worth 75 GP. One of the orc zombies wields a +1 heavy mace.

As soon as the heroes enter the chamber,the seven zombies shamble forth and attack. Their last command was, “Attack all those who don’t brandish the symbol of the White Roc.” Any adventurer proudly displaying a symbol with any white bird of prey will be ignored by the zombies.

For the final battle of the night the party discovers another Orc Barracks with four Orcs. The orcs prove no match for the party and are quickly dispatched within three melee rounds.

The party gains 16gpx4 and 4 Flasks of Alchemist Fire.

Deeper into the Third Level
Fast progress!

Our party discovers Drugilias Chamber and the hidden map room.

A 12-foot-long bed is pushed against the west wall, and a table rests against the south wall. Papers are haphazardly strewn on the table’s surface. This chamber belongs to Drugila, the leader of the White Roc tribe. The size of the bed is a clue to her unusual size.

The papers on the table are drawings and sketches of the mines on this level, with rambling notes in Orcish. The party finds a rough map of the third level (Not to scale)


Xan then discovers a chest but forgets to check for traps. A Fire trap explodes as he opens the chest but his rogue like reflexes evade the trap and he takes no damage. The chest contains 57 gp, a bone carved box (worth 75 gp) holding a silver necklace shaped like a great bird, set with onyx (worth 350 gp). A masterwork flute constructed of silver inlaid with jade (worth 150 gp) is also in the chest.

Xan also discovers a secret room that contains a to scale model of Castle Whiterock back in its full glory. This model was used for planning the castles defenses in time of war.


Early Rooms of the Third Level

The party discovers the dissected remains of a troglodyte.
Orcish notes on the dissection are found and worth 100gp to the right buyer.

They enter the next room and startle three Bugbears playing dice. A quick and decisive battle follows ending with two dead bugbears and the third surrendering. A room search comes up with:

  • 51 SP
  • Gemstone dice worth 70GP
  • A Chest containing – 650 gp and a
    hastily written contract in Goblin. It states that for
    the sum of 200 gp per month, the bugbears swear
    to provide military and/or mundane services as
    needed. It is signed by Drugila, accompanied by an
    illegible scribble (the mark of the bugbear leader of
    the Bloody Star tribe).
  • 18GP x3

They then enter an abandoned temple. Xan discovers a hidden compartment in the altar. Inside is a platinum offering plate (worth 50 gp), a small iron key, a prayer book dedicated to Justicia, the goddess of justice (worth 40 gp)


Entering Level Three

Xan detects all the traps to the entrance of level three:

  • Falling Net of Armor Pieces Trap
  • Swinging Huge Morningstar Trap

The party then moved into the Alchemist Lab:
Four orcs, all wearing grimy aprons over their armor and sporting numerous burns and scars, busily toil at the benches. Another orc, this one a hunched and wrinkled fellow wearing dirt encrusted spectacles crouches in front of the fire, using a pair of metal tongs to hold a beaker in the flickering flames.

  • Four Orcs
  • Robgrut, male orc alchemist, Adp3/Exp1


Alchemical Delights: The benches hold the equivalent
of an alchemy lab, worth 500 gp, but the fragile
and bulky items weigh 40 pounds. Also scattered
on the benches are the following alchemical items:
rust dust (2), flash pellets (4), vials of acid (3), multicolored
powder (4, worthless), powdered quartz
(worth 55 gp), gold dust (30 gp), and four small
amethysts (each worth 50 gp). The crudely bound
volumes on the bookcase are mostly written in
Orcish and deal with the creation of alchemical
items. The mess would fetch 50 gp, if a buyer could
be found. Another book, also written in Orc, details
the ecology of the troglodyte as penned by the orc
naturalist Zem Direroot. A flyer advertising the
Clockwork Academy (Player’s Handout C) and its
motto “Forward progress one gear at a time” is used
as a bookmark.


They also have found
32 GP
6 flash pellets, 2 flasks of alchemist fire, scrolls (cure light wounds (x2), protection from good, command), bag of air



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